Master Mandarin Like Never Before

Meet Sifu Kairesh

Graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with a 2nd lower-class degree in Marketing is not very impressive. And Sifu Kairesh realized that he had very slim chances to land a highly paid job. Because he was competing against many other brilliant 1st class honors graduates…

But that didn’t stop him...Because lucky for him, Sifu Kairesh had an advantage that he didn’t know. And that is - at a very young age, he learned to speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese.

While searching online for a job, he discovered that most highly paid jobs are looking for “preferably Mandarin-speaking” applicants. That was great news for Sifu Kairesh that ended up getting multiple highly paid offers. In the end, Sifu Kairesh accepted his father’s offer to take over and run the family furniture business. 

He was in charge of the sales & marketing and with his Sales and Mandarin speaking skills, he turned his dad’s business into a multi-million dollar business.

How to 10x your Income Knowing Mandarin Alone

Having a Job

3 most important criteria to have when having a high income jobs is your qualifications, the right talent or skills and the right relationship or cables. 


If you are in a career of generating commissions from sales, unit trust, insurance or real estate, you need sales & interpersonal skills and trust from the right people, you can. sore to great lengths.


If you are in business when you wish to scale up on the next level, all you need is the right contacts to get you through, which comes back down to the right relationship with the right people, you can 10x your business instantly.

The Most Difficult Language in the World Made Super-Easy

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