Secret Revealed: The Unique Method To Learn Mandarin Quickly & Effectively  

How Would You Want Your Child to Speak, Read and Understand Fluent Mandarin In Shortest Period of Time?
... and Enjoy the UNFAIR Advantage in their early life !
Sifu Kairesh - Mandarin Coach
Discover How Your Child Can Speak Fluent Mandarin in this 2 hours Online Masterclass
<Mandarin For Kids 2023>

Date: 30th November 2023 (Thursday)
Time: 08.00pm - 10.00pm 
Location: Zoom

*Seats are limited to 200 slots only.
4 Strong Reasons You May Want to Consider Getting Your Children To Learn Mandarin:
  • Enhance Communication: Knowing Mandarin will give your child the ability to communicate with a vast and diverse group of people
  • Improve Interpersonal skills: Studies have shown that learning a second language can improve memory, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills.
  • ​Market Demand  & Opportunities: Mandarin is a valuable skill for future career opportunities. Many businesses and organizations now are looking for employees who are fluent in Mandarin, hence the demand for Mandarin speakers is only expected to increase in the coming years.
  • ​Personal development:  Learning Mandarin can be a rewarding and enriching experience that helps children develop discipline, focus, and determination.
What Will Your Children Be Discovering from this Workshop
The Ability to Read and Structure Complex Words and Sentences in Mandarin Together
The Ability to Communicate in Mandarin Fluently and Naturally Without Going through complicated learning methods
The Importance of Getting a Unfair Head Start in Learning Mandarin from Their Peer 

Learn Mandarin from the Mandarin Master - Sifu Kairesh

Sifu Kairesh is globally renowned for his unique teaching methods which enables anyone to become fluent in Mandarin Super-fast

Being an Indian who is fluent in Mandarin & Cantonese has garnered attention from all around the world. He has been teaching Mandarin for over 13 years to celebrities, royalties & prominent figures and has made thousands to speak and understand Mandarin.

He also uses Tamil, English, Cantonese and Malay Language to explain phrases that makes Mandarin even more easy to pick up and understand.

Sifu Kairesh has also been featured in the media below:

This Workshop is For You, IF You Are

This is What Our Students Has to Say 
After Attending Sifu Kairesh's Workshop


Found it difficult to learn Mandarin in the traditional teching methods & managed to quickly understand Mandarin with Sifu Kairesh's unconventianal methods..
Azizan & Friends

Spent over 8 months learning Mandarin in a private college but couldn't learn much. Joined Sifu Kairesh's masterclass & managed to tell time, negotiate, count to 9000 & more within 8 hours!

Didn't believe that the class could help but took the leap & couldn't recognise herself anymore because she could now watch videos in Mandarin & understand 100% of it!

Educator who understands how difficult it is to learn & teach language but is blown away by how Sifu Kairesh has simplified it with the use of songs, acronyms & more!
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