Enjoyable class & programme, 4 weeks just flew away. Wish to have an additional class.


This 1 month programme make me to talk proper Mandarin.


This programme is very fun, interesting and useful.


This program was very useful for me.

Sugi Dhanaraj

The course was interesting & was able to pick up some phrases for basic conversation.

Augustine Manuel

This is an accelerated learning system and I enjoyed this course, easy to learn a language using this system.

Dr Davaraj

Comprehensive starter course. Very useful to improve skill in learning Mandarin.


On the whole, I enjoyed the class


The class is very good and really can learn Mandarin in 1 month, more practice on word give and speak alot.


Good course, Encoruage me to challenge myself to speak Mandarin.


Very encouraging course, give me more confidence on talking Mandarin in future.


After this programme, I able to to understand Mandarin. Teacher was giving good encouragement and also good teaching skill.


I have learned a lot of Chinese words which it can be useful for daily conversations with my Chinese friends. This course is very helpful. This course should be conducted nationwide to help everyone to learn & speak Mandarin.

Manoosh Raj

Thanks so much for teaching something new. This class is really interesting with jokes. And I hope sir will be more strict to the late comers so that class can start at the right time.

Simran Kaur

Very organised teaching and materials. Makes sure everyone understands and progress at the same level. All in all it was a Lihai Course.


We have a good interaction between the student and teacher which enable us to absorb and understand better

Vinoth Monn Baskaran

Enjoyed the programme very much. Thanks!


Good exposure to basic learning of Mandarin.


I’m very happy now able to talk Chinse in proper manner.

Sharvesh Kumar

I learned a lot and improved my Mandarin very well after this class.

Yazid Jaafar

Kelas yang bagus tapi perlukan lebih masa untuk mendalami pembelajaran.


Lessons were easy to understand and catch up


I was very weak at the beginning of the course. Now I am good, my confidence level is okay.


This programme has helped me to converse in Mandarin with the people around me. This is a very helpful and meaningful programme.


Pleasant lessons, Clear explanation. Easy to follow.

Raj Kumar

This class is helpful to my brain.

Zamri Ismail

This class is good and I can speak Mandarin in 1 month after attending this class.

Ageetha Shamini

It was exciting and fun to learn Mandarin language.

Aveeta Anura

It was a fun learning experience. Learnt more than I thought I would.


This course has made it possible for me to converse in very basic Mandarin.


The program was really very good. It was a really nice experience learning Chinese. This course has enable us to speak Chinese.

Bala Murali

Enhanced my understanding in communication at Mandarin language. Able to distinguish words when spoken.


In 1 month, I’m able to speak & understand basic Mandarin. The tutor well prepared & has good knowledge.

Farah Ilia

Good experience & I know some Mandarin basic from zero knowledge to some. Would like to continue intermediate class.

Ku Fuziah

Very encouraging teaching style . Commendable.


Would like more practical sessions as simple day to day conversations. Develop participants knowledge further on pronunciation. Would appreciate another level of course focused on basic language pronunciation & spoken.


I felt very happy after the program. I was also very satisfied with the way the lessons were carried out.


I feel very confident and able to hear what was told in Mandarin.

Ahmad Shakir

Yes. This program is worth it. I don’t know Mandarin before. After 1 month I can speak Mandarin. Thank you Sifu.

Menisha Patel

This program really helped me to speak Chinese in a month. Thank you


I now understand the basics of Mandarin. Fun way of learning.


Very good. A much practical way of teaching. Easily understood.


The teaching concept are very fun & enjoyable. Easy to understand.

Abdul Halim

This is a good course for starting in Mandarin lesson.

Andy Ko Seng Yang

Basic Mandarin speaking skills improved a lot over the month.

Rajan Shakti (India)

I thought Mandarin too tough, but after coming here, I found it useful and easy.


This is a very useful course. I learned a lot in a short period of time.


First time I was in class. I was very weak. After 3 weeks 10% only. I can speak Mandarin, But I will try my best sir!

Nik Nur Nailini

More confident to speak Mandarin. 20% - 75%


No comments. Awesome, Perfect, Superb!

Faith Makinen (France)

I like your casual style of teaching & answering our personal questions. I really learned a lot & gained a lot of confidence. Thanks. xie xie. ni hen li hai!


I understand what Chinese people speak & also converse with them.

Dr Ashoka Raghavan

Before this course, I didn’t know any single Mandarin words. After following up this course, I can finally converse with my Chiense friends, which is quite useful and equivalent to a life skill. If anything is unknown, Sifu will clarify. Thank You Sifu.

Moganesh Nadarajah

I know a little of Mandarin before coming here. Sifu & classmates work together & ended up boosting each other’s confidence speaking & using correct pinyin. Class is fun & credits goes to Sifu Kairesh to put learning in a fun & easy to understand method. Enjoyed the learning. In simple words, learning is AWESOME HERE!


Improved my fluency to 60%

Krshyna Ruby

The programme actually taught al lot in a month. Thanks Sifu Kairesh for explaining the course thoroughly.

Vinnosh Kumar

Teaching environment, was very conducive. Instructor was very vocal and encouraging. Overall the course has tremendously help me improve my communication.


The instructor was good, funny and interesting. He made learning Mandarin equally fun. After attending this program, I am now able to speak Mandarin.


He was very good. It was first unbelievable that we could speak Mandarin in 1 month. Now it seems to be possible and I am confident about it.

Shanthini Ponnudurai

I wish to use this language more often and be more confident using it. Thank you for giving me this knowledge.

Thulasi Paramasivam

I felt surprised because I never thought i could speak mandarin fluently within in 1 month.

Jason Ariel

This program was very helpful and help understanding the language. Sifu Kairesh makes learning Mandarin easy and fun to learn.


Saya sangat berpuas hati sebab dapat memahami lebih lanjut / banyak perkataan/ kiraaan. Harap dapat meneruskan pembelajaran lagi. Terima kasih kerana mengajar Bahasa Mandarin.


I felt happy that I could speak my mother tongue properly after the program and could communicate as well as understand other people speaking Mandarin.


I really have no experience talking in Mandarin before I enter this class, but I was interested to learn and found an awesome sir. Learning Mandarin with him in 1 month was totally fun and beyond awesome.


I felt good after getting to know how to converse in Mandarin. I had 0% knowledge in Mandarin. Thanks to Sifu Kairesh for making me speak Mandarin now.

Mohd Hafidz

Very good. The class is so much fun and very interactive. The course really does help us to speak common Mandarin language. Really encourage people to join this course. Thumbs up for you Sifu.

Ashkay Raj

The class was very effective, fun and enjoyable. It brought me a long way and I’m now bale to shin the Chinese community. xie xie ni.

Noor Hazerah

I felt satisfied for what I learned. I wanted to brush up my Mandarin language. Sifu have a good and easy way to teach me and understand. I have more confidence now to speak Mandarin with my Chinese friends. xie xie ni Sifu. I won’t regret to come this speak Mandarin class.


Before attending Mandarin class, my level of Mandarin is considered quite low. As of now, I have improved and I can speak at least the basic Mandarin. A good tutor.


This is a very useful training for all non Chinese. It will be very useful for those working in an environment where majority are Chinese.


I strongly recommend this course for those who want to learn Mandarin. I was very weak (zero) in Mandarin, but now I am able to understand. Thank You Sifu.

Mohana Dass

It’s an extremely good course and conducted very well by Sifu Kairesh. Hen li hai

Satish Kumar

The classes helped me to converse Mandarin in public and I’m able to use it in my daily routines. (Restaurant)


Got to learn the basis of Mandarin which is very helpful for people like me who has zero knowledge to converse in Mandarin.


Very exciting & innovative method to learn a difficult language. a very practical approach to those whose mother tongue is not Chinese.

Kuneswary Sivanantha

Excellent course conducted for a month. Definitely looking forward for level 2.

Mohana Priya

This course helped me to boost my Chinese language from 5% to 70%.


From 4% of Mandarin now it is about 48% of Mandarin language. I know this class really helped me a lot and the rest of the % will be on my initiative.

Aaron Chelliah

After completing this course, I am able to follow my friends conversations in Mandarin.


It’s a very helpful technique to understand and learn Mandarin a very free of stress environment. Highly recommended.

Nurhashila bt Hashim

The instructor is good in attracting students to learn more about this language. Also, this class is helpful for me in understanding Mandarin little by little.

Shiv Eswar

I totally didn’t believe we could speak Mandarin in 1 month, but now I know it’s possible.

Kirrosha Kolanda

Before getting enrolled in this course, I was not able to speak Mandarin at all. But with Sifu’s teachings and awesome techniques, I’m now able to speak Mandarin, Sifu’s class is always AWESOME. xie xie ni Sifu, Wo ai ni.

Shobasinee Kolanda

Before enrolling in this class, I was not really sure whether can I speak Mandarin in 1 month. Now I can speak & understand Mandarin, I got a lot of Chinese friends and I get respect from the Chinese community around me when I spoke to them, I really enjoyed this class.

Belinda Grace Augustine

I am able to understand the Mandarin conversation among colleagues at office. I feel like I belong to the Chinese community. Feeling more accepted among friends I feel to thankful to Sifu Kairesh for making this possible for me as I was longing to learn Mandarin, He is a very easy going sir with a lot of passion & dedication towards this profession.

Melissa Grace Augustine

Sifu Kairesh is very knowledgeable in Mandarin language. The materials given were very helpful and sufficient. He has his own method of teaching which is very efficient. I am very grateful to Sifu Kairesh.


When I first walked in the class, I barely could understand Chinese. The main reason I have enrolled myself here is because I wanted to move along with the Chinese people. This class taught me a lot. I cant go any further in Chinese without our sir. Overall it’s worth it. to attend this class. Now I could understand what are the Chinese people speaking and I’ve also learned that nothing comes easy and self-esteem is very important to polish up on.


Excellent trainer. Knows what he wants o deliver. Very well prepared. Very experienced. Creates happy and comfortable learning environment. Strongly recommended for new comers.

Wan Iliaida

Very good teaching. Easy to understand. Worth the money. Can answer any words that I am not clear with. My Chinese went from zero to something. Overall this program is the real deal.

Tana Rani

The lessons were very well planned. The teacher teaches very effectively and learning Mandarin becomes easy and interesting for me. I would like to pursue to intermediate level to improve my language further.

Mohd Zafri Abdan

Keen to learn more. I got my expectation. Need more practice from me soon. All class members participate and its a happening class.

Yamunah Palaniyandi

The course have given me broad knowledge and I enjoy the entire course.

Wan Iliani bt Wan Ahmad Murtadza

Instuctor is very patient and funny more than willing to help his students to learn. Environment of the class is also very encouraging and positive. all in all my Chinese language improved a lot.

Punitha Krishtummoorthy

The instructor was good and made learning Mandarin fun. Appreciated it.. Thanks a bunch!


Easy simplified techniques to start and speak. This is very important for new comers.


I felt exciting. Had a ot of fun. Had a blast. Made jokes. Met new friends and learned new things.

Najwa bt Rusman

I feel good and have the courage to speak Mandarin. Thank you for treating all of us good.


I wanted to improve my spoken language in Mandarin as well as understanding so that i can converse with other people of difference races.

Robiah bt Mohd

I feel good and become more confident to speak in Mandarin with Chinese people.

Malarvely Kannan

I was zero basic in Mandarin. Now although I’m not fluent in Mandarin, I can speak basic Mandarin and can understand what Chinese people talk. I will try my level best to upgrade my Mandarin knowledge.


I understand numbers better, get to know the basics understanding on how to speak Mandarin.

Shahlini Arivananthan

I can understand what my Chinese friends are communicating. I able to communicate with them. Even I’m able to communicate with my Chinese lecturers. I feel very happy and confidence by participating in this workshop. I love to speak Mandarin.

Veshalini Ravindran

After this workshop, I could actually speak basic Chinese to Chinese people. It’s damn cool to learn Mandarin and speak it. It’s easy to communicate with people. xie xie ni.


I am able to understand common words used in conversation, talk / listen / understand numbers. and past tense more clearly.


I felt so pro of speaking Mandarin after coming to this class and I can talk to all my friends. And I love to talk Mandarin so fluently.

Ruben Thangaraja

This was really good, improve very well. Confidence level is high. Can able to talk with Chinese friends, understand the questions they asked. Teaching numbers was awesome.

Raja Bhalu

I had a good opening to start speaking Mandarin from now onwards. This class had opened up a scope for me to improve Mandarin.

Charles Gobi

I felt more confident on speaking Mandarin to public and never though speaking Mandarin can be so easy. Feel great. Just need more practice.


I felt awesome because I could converse in Mandarin and understand the language better. Sifu Kairesh is a great teacher and with his method of teaching I learned faster.

Pragash Kumar Arumugam

This Online Mandarin Class was very straight forward and easy to understand faster. Very fast learning to pronounce the language with numbering too. It's really awesome to learn this Mandarin. I'll join again if possible. Thank you Sifu Kairesh for the wonderful coaching.

Izzudin Helmi

A very intuitive experience, engaging and easily understandable. A session that you won’t regret.

Jothi Subramaniam

its really amazing experienced learning mandarin with Sifu Kairesh is easy and fun. Loved it. Thanks Sifu Kairesh for this opportunity.

Nyanam Ann Pillay

Was a good and fruitful session. I am at aww at home much I learned in such a short time frame. I must say I am a believer. Looking forward to the next session.

Amer Luqman

The way sifu teach is difrent with another people..he always make the hard become very easy to learn..its something that another people dont have..the thing you should learn in 5 years..he only took 4days..he can make you become something..from 0-10..respect..

Xie xie

Mohd Shahid Salim

Sifu kairesh providing many ways for anybody who wants to learn mandarin in easiest way. His technic, his principle, and with formula given are really helpful to know how to speak in mandarin.

Zulfakar Md Yassin

Satu sahaja yang boleh cakap tentang kelas Sifu Kairesh... BEST!!!!!

Cara pendekatan tentang pemahaman Bahasa Mandarin yang sempoi dan tak pening kepala... belajar dengan mudah..senang dan cepat tangkap tentang Bahasa Mandarin..

Saya pernah pergi belajar di tempat lain beberapa tahun sebelum ni dan give up kerana susah untuk belajar dengan permulaan pinyin...tapi bila belajar dengan Sifu Kairesh, pendekatannya amat mudah... dalam masa 10 minit saya boleh bermula hafal nombor 1 sehingga 1000 dalam bahasa mandarin. (sebelum ni lebih2 pon 10 jer..haha).. anak2 saya yang tak pernah ambil tahu tentang bahasa mandarin pon boleh hafal dalam masa yang sama...rugi tak belajar dengan Sifu.. sebab kalau masuk kelas selama 6 bulan/setahun masih tak boleh memahami,,habiskan duit jer..

Cara pengajaran Sifu Kairesh yang simple, memang BEST!!!

Jh Sab

didn’t expect that it took me 2 years to meet Sifu again, I watched the viral video online & TOTALLY was surprised that Sifu still remember me, my fb name, testimonial, even as someone who travelled all the way from Ipoh (first ets this time for this) & sat at the end corner on his Nov 2017 class even though I changed my hairstyle (maybe that’s the reason the facilitator thought I’m a Korean

저는 한국 사람 아니예요. 저는 말레이시아 사람입니다 ^^

Well, anyhow ;

“It’s not about what you know,

It’s not about who you know,

It’s about who knows you”

At first, pretty suprised myself as it’s just for 2hrs, how much input can we gain & FOC?

So, decided to try out again while bringing my friend this time. Such a great refresher for me, it feels like what I’ve learnt before are coming back. Practice makes purrfecttt, right. Informative, fun & interactive crash workshop for newbies who wants to understand basic mandarin in a short period of time. It’s all bout the the keywords

Wish to learn deeper & more intensive modules in an effective way in the future!

See you again, Sifu Kairesh Mandarin & 谢谢你, 再见!

Jasvin Kaur

Great workshop with easy and efficient way of learning to speak Mandarin. Xie Xie Sifu Kairesh!

Vignesh Pillai

The class was lively, interactive and lots of fun! Brilliant strategy by Sifu Kairesh to enable a seamless learning experience of what i used to consider an impossible language to learn!

I would most definitely recommend Sifu Kairesh to those keen to master a new language (Mandarin)

Uma Baskaran Pillai

He walked the talk.I had the most wonderful time learning Mandarin in the most fun way. His humour and down to earth attitude made it very interesting for me to participate and what seemed quite impossible in the beginning... turned out to be easy after all... all with his amazing methods in learning Mandarin the fast and easy way

I truly recommend Situ Kairesh's Mandarin Masterclass for all interested to learn the fun way.Can't wait for the next session

Xie Xie Ni, Sifu Kairesh

Julius Goh

If there any fellow Chinese out there who can’t speak Mandarin as well just like me ! Please do sign up with Sifu his super patient and funny ! Don’t be shy or left out !

There a saying

Sometimes there is no next time, no time outs, no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never !

Kate White

Kairesh is always the best motivator even though he's not a PURE CHINESE. I don't really met him in person or ever attend any of his class but I always follow his. FB video and I found that he's not boring cos he's funny and friendly towards his students. Keep up the good works and may you received blessing & success in whatever you do.

Eha Eha

Sifu xie xie. You have done wonderful job! Your method and formula are great.

In 2 days I hv learnt a lot. Amazing numbers 1 - 1000 in 1 hours. Wow OMG.

Dont mentioned date,time and Money..

Practice and practice. I will remember that Sifu. Can't wait to join your next session.

Adrian Victor

Fantastic way of teaching! Completely didn't expect to learn so much in just 2 days! IT IS POSSIBLE! Can't wait to apply it to my daily conversation with my Chinese friends now. Xie Xie sifu!

Aqilah Jaafar

I would like to thanks to Sifu Kairesh for the past six days of teaching mandarin class. The technique he used was great and I able to improved my mandarin in a short time. Compare to other institutions that I’ve learned mandarin before, his technique is unconventional so that I can accept and learned so fast. I really recommend Sifu Kairesh to teach all of you who need to learn mandarin.

Syafiq Azahari

After learnt with sifu i can speak a lil bit of chinese language . Thanks to him and team . I find it was so fun to learn and practicing mandarin in daily life!

Natrah Baharin

Good class n enjoy..easy to learn..come to join Mandarin class with Sifu Kairesh....

Tao Alice Sheng (China)

Unconventional way of teaching makes the learning more like a game.

Vijay Arumugam

Sifu Kairesh Able to speak Mandarin in 1 day is The Real Thing it was Learning, Understanding and experiencing not only being able to speak, recognise, read & write Mandarin but also the Chinese Culture.

Lee Ann Forest

Had a good Mandarin class today. It was fun throughout the class and it made catching up easy. Sifu Kairesh and his team was awesome n always all out to help us. Im so glad i made it to his class! And now i know so much more! Xie Xie Sifu Kairesh! No regrets for first timers!!

Christie Kris Clement

Easy to learn...Thank you sifu,keep it up..God Bless You sfu.

Muhd Ikmal Mohamed

Sifu Kairesh's approach to teaching Mandarin is not conventional. The technique he is using really helps us to understand and speak Mandarin in a much shorter time compared to other courses.

Out of curiosity, I signed up for the 1 day Masterclass and I am excited to see everyone was able to speak after the session.

He also creates the mood and environment of Chinese speaking people surrounding and helping you during the session. This will make you more confident to try out what you learn.

I strongly urge for those who haven't been to his Masterclass to signup. I am sure you will go home understanding and speaking better Mandarin.

I am now more motivated to pursue my Mandarin learning to the next level.

Vin Vinny

Hilarious and smart way of teaching. Very original and fun

Ain BZ


Congratulations and thank you Sifu Kairesh for this Mandarin Masterclass. It was a very FRUITFULL session !

I just want to share my first thought when I saw your ads on my FB timeline. Haha.

At that time, I'm actually looking for a mandarin class as I really want to learn it. It just from no where, I saw you ads and I clicked it.

I was like...

1) Very impressed because the Mandarin Masterclass will be taught by a non-native speaker. (I believe the way of conveying the knowledges of language from the non native speaker will be much easier to understand because they already know the struggle and difficulty)

2) It was guaranteed that the participants could start to understand and speak basic daily conversation.

3) The price was sooooo affordable !!

Then, I tried to ask my collegue, my university classmate, my teammate, and randomly promoting the masterclass in whatsapp group/social media but MANY of them keep doubting and did not dare to take a risk by joining me.

Until my long lost friend (our last met was on 2013) DM me at twitter and wanted to join me.


Both of us actually realise how important the Mandarin languange is, as we both already entered the career phase and we saw more opportunity will be opened IF we know how to speak/understand mandarin. (My friend is a freelance swimming instructor and I am a management trainee at one of the global retail company)

So after that we agreed and straight away paid for 2 tickets. hahaha.


1) Today I worked, I already applied what I learnt in Masterclass. IT WAS AMAZINGGGGG because I never imagined that. Today I managed to say the correct amount of money, and basic conversation ( even understand what they say a bit). And got compliment from my customer after I tried to speak with them! (and yes, what Sifu Kairesh said was true. Chinese people will help you if you wrongly said the words. Hahaha.)

I will try to improve more later on !

That's all ! Sorry for the long post. Hehe. Looking forward to the next classes with Sifu Kairesh !

Xie xie ni !

Helen Jude

I would like to say thank to Sifu Kairesh for the great effort and well organized Mandarin Master Class.

We came in as a group of 5 people with zero knowledge of Mandarin.

For me at first, I was little apprehensive with what I was about to encounter because I did not have any knowledge of Mandarin but within half and hour everything changed.

Very impressive the way Sifu organized and well Structured with the quickest format to understand. The team have made the classroom ambience as consistently Chinese speaking as possible in terms of dialogue, Q&A and especially the stall concept.

It was fun learning and Sifu's sense of humor keeps the topics interesting. I know that I made a good decision to join this course. Highly recommended.

Xie Xie Ni Sifu

Karthick Henry

Great workshop...keep it up sifu...even it was 1 day but we learn alot. tq

Cheryl Lourdes

Sifu K makes mandarin language easy! His methods of teachings are easy for any employee in an organisation.

Gopinathan Gynasegaran

1. Well organised session

2. Simple but valuable tips

3. Practical application that helps all

4. Key areas where Mandarin will come in handy were adressed

5. Fun with plenty of humour

6. Good crowd, good networking opportunity as well

7. Friendly and attentive trainers

Value for money for those looking to go

RJ Hanim

I came home taught my friend who hv total zero inclination to chinese language (hopeless case) . Taught her numbers 1 to 19. All this Within 15 minutes she can count, tell the time, say the amount of money 3.00 and 3.50. Techniques taught by Sifu Kairesh truly is practical and it works. Xie Xie and Li Hai

Emmilia Ganesan

Glad i made it to your 1-day workshop.

I had so much fun learning from you and the facilitators, xie xie.

You make learning so much fun. I don’t remember when last i learned something that is informational and fun at the same time.

Interesting teaching technique and the stall concept is a WIN!

End of the day, i walked out of the workshop with the basic knowledge (all the cukup makan) and the confidence that you can start conversing in Mandarin.

Also, along the way had some fun trying out what i've learned with the Pau uncle and friends

All the best cuz...

Priscilla Ambrose

Walked in awkwardly walked out with some confidence with the ability to speak few sentences with the right pronunciation. Don’t mind making time for future lessons if there’s any. Thank you Sifu! Now with your modules, the Pinyin chart and your book is going to help me converse with relevant people.

Shvaleela Balakrishnan

I really njoyed the course yesterday (25/11/17) sifu. Seriously i came with 0% knowledge bt it just amazed me with the techniques n guidance which made me happy n confident. Thnk u sifu. Keep up. Sure will suipport u n awaiting for more session with u sifu. Hats off to u. Keep rocking. God bless to u n yr team.

Revathi Satha

Hi everyone, I am going for Mandarin classes weekly, nonetheless numbers were very tricky for me and I cant remember...BUT with SIFU withing 2 minutes I remembered all number by heart! - Xie Xie Ni Sifu...

Phoebe Gan Siew Bee

Superb place to learn mandarin

Nur Shakinah (Malaysia Airports)

Awesome teacher ..we can speak Mandarin now only for 6 days..

Sufri Dalinte (Malaysia Airports)

After attending his class.. Now i know how to interact with my chinese passengers.. Tq so much sifu

Malarvely Kannan

Hi everyone...came with zero knowledge of a physiotherapist had some comunication barier with my chinese patients.took this course from sifu...within 1 month i can talk mandarin not that fluent but i can comunicate with my chinese patients.feel so happy and proud of myself.thank you sifu...wonderfull class , easy to cope with and talented sifu...

xie xie nie...

Mithran Nadarajah

Excellent Coach! Full of fun and absolutely witty session with Sifu Kairesh! Inspiring confidence to speak your 1st complete sentence in Mandarin! ***Brilliant!!!***

Ellisya Abdullah

The best things about Sifu Class it teaches from basic to understanding level.

What an amazing experiences

After one month I will finally be able to write and understood Mandarin. Thank you Sifu Kairesh for wonderful technique, and presentation and never give up with his students.

Aylin Yan

Thanks Sifu Kairesh for your guidance, deeply appreciate for your big heart & generosity to teach us more than what we expected.. 👍🏼You're such a great blessing, I always feel secure & satisfied in your sessions because of your patience to go through with me step by steps.. Big Thanks to you.. 👏👏 GBU

Syafeeq Zaki

What I've learnt during class is understanding sentence structure and enough base knowledge so that anyone can grow their vocabulary by listening and self-learn.

Class was easy to follow even though Mandarin having a total opposite of understanding of how English is spoken.

Excited to test out with my friends at work to continue to grow.

Pathma Roshaaen

Great tutor. Explained everything from A-Z. Made Mandarin understandable within a short span of time. Enjoyed the very interesting and fun experience.

Khairy Ashran

Very good teaching where he will use a person native tongue (malay,english or tamil) to explain certain words. Relaxing environment to learn and make mistakes.

Maizura Mansor

Super fun and chill. Learned mandarin in uni but only remember few words with no comprehension of sentences. But Sifu’s teaching really helps to understand the fundamentals in a much simpler way.

Lim Shern

Malaysian Mandarin at its Finest. Sifu is very creative and experienced in this field of study making online training interesting and participative.

Sallee Lee

Although I have about 20-30% knowledge of Chinese language, I signed up this 2 days course out of curiosity, because he mentioned that one could pick up and speak the language after the course. Indeed, I could pickup new words and speak.

Sifu Kairesh teaching was fun and interesting. He has great sense of humour and very down to earth. His techniques of teaching was easy to understand and unconventional.

I enjoyed this 2 days classes. Thank you Sifu and your team

Felix Tay

Highly informative and inspiring. He makes things super easy to execute!

Syah Aziz

Learned tons of tips and tricks to better learn mandarin. I recommend it to anyone who wants to begin to learn mandarin.

Samuel Raj

Worth the wait I'd say! Been wanting to attend Sifu's class since 4 years ago and finally I had the time (of my life)!

It all came to the methods and ways the lessons are taught- everything was so adaptable and easily made understood.

Xie xie Sifu, wo hen gaoxing.


Damm pack class! u will learn so many thing that make you surprise of how easily to understand street mandarin, even though you are slow learner. Try to join this class.

Prem Anantha

Amazing mandarin class... The teaching was fun, superb, direct to point & with lots of shortcut technics given. Highly recommended...

Many thanks Sifu Kairesh...

Jeng Hien Lim

Interesting & interactive speaker. Well, i hope there's a 6 star option i could go even more. Do check him out to see if I'm true.

Muzan Geek

Bruh not gone lie his class is lit and awesome


Assalamualaikum, ok kat sini sya nk kongsi ckit pasal saya , sya x malu nk bgithu sya ni klau nk belajar apa2 mmng ssah ckit or x cpat nk tngkap apa2 yg di ajar..tpi bila belajar dgn sifu, dia akan cuba cri cara mcmne hndak mmbantu saya supaya apa yg dia ajar tdi sya boleh pham..wlau pun apa yg dia ajar tdi dh jauh x bnyak ckit apa yg sifu cuba smpaikn kat sya ada lh permahaman itu pnting sblum hndak belajar bercakap apa2 pun bahasa..